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Catalyst.Neuro: A 3D Brain Segmentation Pipeline for MRI

Catalyst and TReNDS have been working together on applications of deep learning for neuroimaging and brain dynamics. This post describes the fundamental concepts implemented in Catalyst.Neuro and introduces different deep learning models comparison on brain segmentation task.

Tinkoff AI – RecSys


DataFest 2021 – Catalyst workshop

DataFest 2021 – Catalyst workshop

Catalyst — A PyTorch Framework for Accelerated Deep Learning R&D

For the last three years, Catalyst-Team has been working on Catalyst — a high-level PyTorch framework for Deep Learning Research and Development. In this post, I would like to share our vision on high-level Deep Learning framework API and show current development progress on various examples.

Tinkoff AI – Lab

Representation Learning and Faces

During the last two years, there was enormous progress in representation learning through the Face Recognition task. Starting from well-known ArcFace in 2018, there were a few other “Faces”: SubCenterArcFace, CosFace, AdaCos, CurricularFace, and more. In this post, we would dive into “Faces”, introduce their intuition, and compare them on a small toy task.