Minimalistic framework to run machine learning experiments.

Self Supervised Time Management [RU]

Time Management practices.


Minimalistic framework to run machine learning experiments

South Africa. Nomad Edition.

Month-long digital nomad trip to SA.

Showing your offline reinforcement learning work: Online evaluation budget matters

Over the recent years, vast progress has been made in Offline Reinforcement Learning (Offline-RL) for various decision-making domains: from finance to robotics. However, comparing and reporting new Offline-RL algorithms has been noted as …

TTRS: Tinkoff Transactions Recommender System benchmark

Over the past decade, tremendous progress has been made in inventing new RecSys methods. However, one of the fundamental problems of the RecSys research community remains the lack of applied datasets and benchmarks with well-defined evaluation rules …


Time Series Library

Karpov.Courses interview – Career path


Tinkoff AI – RecSys


Catalyst — A PyTorch Framework for Accelerated Deep Learning R&D

For the last three years, Catalyst-Team has been working on Catalyst — a high-level PyTorch framework for Deep Learning Research and Development. In this post, I would like to share our vision on high-level Deep Learning framework API and show current development progress on various examples.