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RL in RecSys, an overview [EN]

An overview of Reinforcement Learning in RecSys.

RL in RecSys 2020

Deep Learning with Catalyst

Advanced deep learning course

Reinforcement learning на NeurIPS 2019: how it was

Every year the topic of reinforcement learning (RL) is getting hotter and more hype. And every year, DeepMind and OpenAI add fuel to the fire with a new superhuman performance bot. Is there something really worthwhile behind this? And what are the latest trends in the entire RL variety? Let's find out!

Catalyst.RL - Learn to Move - Walk Around 2nd place solution

NeurIPS RL 2019 challenge

2nd place solution for NeurIPS RL 2019 challenge


Distributed framework for RL research

CrowdAI winners talks


Accelerated deep learning research and development