Reinforcement Learning

ML workflow

Checklist and questions to make ML right.

RL Intro

Brief introduction to Reinforcement Learning and Recommender Systems.

NeurIPS RL 2019 challenge

2nd place solution for NeurIPS RL 2019 challenge.


Catalyst.RL: A Distributed Framework for Reproducible RL Research


Accelerated deep learning research and development

NeurIPS RL 2018 challenge

3rd place solution for NeurIPS RL 2018 challenge.

OpenAI Retro Contest

4th place solution for OpenAI Retro Contest.

Run, skeleton, run: skeletal model in a physics-based simulation

In this paper, we present our approach to solve a physics-based reinforcement learning challenge "Learning to Run'' with objective to train physiologically-based human model to navigate a complex obstacle course as quickly as possible.The environment …

NIPS RL 2017 challenge

3rd place solution for NIPS RL 2017 challenge.