Interview with Sergey Kolesnikov | Catalyst: PyTorch Framework for DL & RL | Open Source, Soft. Engg

26 Mar 2020
Sanyam Bhutani Chai Time Data Science

In this episode, Sanyam Bhutani interviews a researcher, practitioner and open source contributor: Sergey Kolesnikov, creator of catalyst, which is a deep learning and reinforcement learning framework based on Pytorch.

In this interview, they talk all about Sergey’s journey into the field of machine learning and reinforcement learning. His thoughts about open source development and the story of catalyst, how the development of catalyst started the story behind it, and its current features, the ecosystem. And what all can it support.

They also talk a lot about the community in machine learning open data science community as well. Sergey shares many great advices about software engineering and open source development as well.

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